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Frequently Asked Question

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1. What is a typical treatment duration?

At the beginning of our work together, we'll establish goals and objectives and  discuss a range of treatment approaches. For some people, short term counseling or brief therapy fits the bill.  For others, especially when grappling with  unresolved trauma or longstanding relationship difficulties, the process of healing and change can take time.

Whatever your particular situation, we'll check in from time-to-time and review the progress to date. Together we will discuss whether you feel you 're at a place that feels complete or whether to continue in treatment. 

Sometime after your therapy is finished, if  you wish to return for a short term "tune-up" or for more in depth work, I'll welcome your call.

2. How long are sessions?

Individual therapy sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Initial couple therapy and family sessions are 50-90 minutes according to our agreement. In critical situations and when possible, session length can be extended.

3. How often will we meet?

I encourage weekly therapy meetings because consistency and progress work together in meeting your therapy goals efficiently and effectively.  Each therapy session builds on the one before it.  If finances or schedule constraints do not allow for weekly sessions, we can discuss other possibilities.

4. What is your fee?

I want to make therapy possible for you. My fee for an individual therapy session is $175. My fee for a couple therapy session is $200.

When people have financial situations that prevent paying my fee, I am happy to discuss modifications to my fees.

If for some reason I cannot accommodate your scheduling or payment preferences, I'll provide you with referrals to other therapists who may be better able to meet your requirements.

If you wish to have an extended therapy session, the fee will be pro-rated.

Telephone sessions or Email sessions are pro-rated according to the usual agreed upon office session fee.

5. What about therapy via phone, email or Video Conference?

In my experience, I find that meeting with you face-to-face and in real time is the most effective way for most people to benefit from therapy. I will communicate with you by phone or email to make appointment changes or for basic logistical concerns. By exception, if meeting in my office is not a possibility, we may occasionally agree to schedule a phone or teletherapy appointment. Please be aware that your confidentiality is less likely to be secure when participating in phone, email or on-line communications than with face-to face sessions in the office.

6. Do you accept insurance?

While I am not a member of any insurance panels, many managed care organizations will reimburse you for payments made to "out of network" providers. If you have a PPO plan, Flexible Health Spending Plan, Health Savings Account or insurance plan that pays for out of network providers, I can provide you with an end of month statement to submit for reimbursement. You may wish to contact your insurance plan or your company Human Resources Department to find out if you are eligible for partial reimbursement of the fee you pay for my psychotherapy services.